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System i   AS400  and  Mainframe Programming Services

System i, AS/400 Midrange Systems Support

Systems Design and Analysis. Define, develop and implement new applications custom to your business needs and requirements.

Maintain Current Systems

Programming services for Manufacturing, Distribution and 3rd Party Logistics

 EDI Systems
 ERP Systems Connections
 Legacy Systems
 Warehouse Management System Interface  


System i / AS400  Midrange Programming Skills and Services:
RPG II                                            Batch & Interactive Programming
RPG IV                                                 Subfiles
ILE RPG                                                Display Files
CL, CLP ILE                                           DB2, DDS, DDM

VSE/SP     VMS       CICS       JCL       ICCF

APPLICATIONS:                               Operating System /Connectivity          
Order Entry                                          Job Control 
Invoicing                                              JobQ's, OutQ's
Item Maintenance                                 Job Scheduling
Accounts Receivable                              MSGW Troubleshooting
Accounts Payable                                  Subsystems
Packing Slips                                         Client Access
Pick Slips                                              Operations Navigator
Warehouse Management Systems
Bill of Lading
Pre & Post  EDI Interface


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