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EDI Development and Programming Services

           Electronic Data Interchange

EDI Knowledge and experience in covering all the details for developing and maintaining new transaction set maps and systems, making sure every vital application field and data element are linked and accounted for.

EDI Systems and Transaction Sets to meet the needs of your Company and your Trading Partners.
Establish and maintain successful EDI relationships with new and existing Trading Partners


Translator Software:
EDIHQ - 1EDISOURCE                                 Application File Integration
Gentran Midrange & Mainframe
                           EDI Mapping  
Gentran Server for Windows
Trusted Link & TLi
                                                VAN Support,  AS2

X12   *    EDIFACT     *   TRADACOM     *    UCS

Interface Inbound and Outbound Transaction Sets with your ERP System                                 JD Edwards,  SAP,  MAS90

Custom Interface Processing
Spreadsheet Purchase Orders: Map, Explode then process SDQ-Multiple-Location formats

ASN: Generate Basic or Multiple Level
Header, Shipment, Unit, Order, Tare, Pack, Detail levels.
ASN Formats - Standard or Pick and Pack

Application checking for errors and discrepancies on Inbound and Outbound Data against internal or partner data.


  • X12  Standard
    180 Return Merchandise Authorization
    204 Motor Carrier Load Tender
    210 Motor Carrier Freight Invoice
    211 Motor Carrier Bill of Lading
    214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status
    810 Invoice
    812 Debit/Credit Adjustment
    816 Organizational Relationship
    820 Remittance Advice
    824 Application Advice
    830 Planning Schedule
    832 Catalog
    846 Inventory Update
    850 Purchase Order
    852 Product Activity Data
    855 PO Acknowledgement
    856 Advanced Ship Notice
    860 PO Change
    861 Receipt Advice
    862 Shipping Schedule
    864 Text Message
    869 Order Status
    875 Invoice
    870 Order Status
    880 Grocery Products Invoice
    889 Promotonal Announcement
    940 Warehouse Ship Order Shipment Advice
    997 Functional Acknowledgement

  • EDIFACT  Standard
    APERAK - Application Error Acknowledgement
    DELFOR - Forecast
    DELJIT - Just In Time Schedule
    DESADV - Despatch Advice (ASN)
    GENRAL - General Message
    ORDCHG - PO Change
    ORDERS - Purchase Orders
    RECADV - Receiving Advice

TRADACOM  Standard
ORDER (850)
GENRAL (812)
SRMNF (820)
CREDIT (812)
ACKMNT (855)
DELIVR (856)

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