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What is EDI?

EDI is the computer-to-computer exchange of structured business information in a standard electronic format. Information stored on one computer is translated by software programs into standard EDI format for transmission to one or more trading partners. The trading partners’ computers, in turn, translate the information using software programs into a form they can understand.


Can Intecc help with EDI?
Yes.  Intecc has  EDI experience that goes back to 1991 on AS400 and PC platforms.  EDI needs and solutions  vary greatly between businesses, based on your system and staff.  We will strive to provide the best solution for your company.    


What are EDI Tranlators?
Business data is almost never generated, or read (by people or computer applications) in the form dictated by the X12 or EDIFACT standards. Thus a translator application is needed to move data into and out of standard EDI formats.

I'm being forced to do EDI by an important customer. 
 How can I use that to improve my business?

Three solutions are possible. First, go after new business by presenting your EDI capability as a competitive advantage to new accounts or to those making decisions about expanding existing accounts.

Second, make sure that EDI replaces rather than duplicates your current paper systems. There are significant benefits in electronically processing documents, but only costs in running dual systems.

Finally, look for ways to integrate EDI into other business applications, e.g. ERP or accounts receivable. These are the changes that will bring about significant improvement in important measures such as order response time, inventory, or cash flow.


Why should I care about integrating EDI into other applications such as order entry and  ERP ?

Integration is the key to process improvement because it greatly decreases human involvement in information flow, thus making business processes simpler (if well designed), faster, cheaper and less error prone. As an example consider a system in which incoming EDI data is automatically entered into an order entry system. Humans no longer need to read orders, make decisions about required action, or key in data. As a result processes that may take weeks or days can now take hours. Without integration EDI systems substitute for expensive fax machines. With integration those systems lead to shorter cycle times, less cost, and greater accuracy.

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